Our Professional Development seminars are designed for teachers in all disciplines and are centered on writing and critical thinking - skills that can be transferred across the curriculum. All Professional Development seminars are designed and led by Dr. Fiske, in consultation with the partner school, administration, and teaching staff. Three elements distinguish our Professional Development program from other currently available to teachers:

  • Our programs are based on two decades of our director's experience in teaching and curriculum development. The director personally designs and leads
    every session. 
  • Too often, professional development occurs in one-off sessions that do not align with teachers’ immediate needs and do not offer on-going support for
    teachers. Axis offers programs design for continued, semester-long support of teachers on the levels of curriculum design, lesson plan development, and
    classroom management.
  • We do not offer boiler-plate programs, courses, or manuals and will never try to sell you materials.  Our programs stem from decades of research into the history and current state of best practices in education. We put together a program based on initial discussions with administrators and teachers about the specific needs of the school.
    From design, to implementation, to cost, our programs are customized to meet the needs of individual schools and teachers.