Our Mission


At Axis Achievement, our mission is to bridge the gap between high school and college education in reading, writing, and critical thinking - interdisciplinary skills that can be transferred across the curriculum. We specialize in bringing college-level seminars to high school students and teachers, providing research-based, substantively cohesive, customized curricula that ignite students' passion for inquiry and help teachers navigate the complex demands of the current education system.


Axis delivers premium programs that anticipate much-needed changes to the current educational system - progams that will revolutionize secondary education through the implementation of theories and practices that characterize the most prestigious and influential colleges and universities in the US and abroad.


Axis is committed to improving education by providing: * An intensive focus on reading, writing, and critical thinking - skills that can be transferred across the high-school and college curriculum. * A devotion to bringing the latest research and scholarship to our programs. * A curriculum that is adaptable to the needs of individual schools and centrally controlled by the founder and director. * A belief in the necessity of flexibility and dialogue in establishing strong, working partnerships with schools, students, and parents.